You don't need the lasso of truth to know that these are some great product updates!

Air: Search Update

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now filter air search results to display refundable fares only (LM-1221):


Note: this feature is not applicable to the Australia-TransTasman / one-way faring instance of the booking tool. 

File Finishing: SI Remarks 

CBT Agency Administrators can now enable special requests for cars (LM-331) and hotels (LM-338):

LM-311 Lm-338.png

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-741: updated BAR form of payment for non-GDS content
  • LM-984: updated Terms & Conditions link
  • LM-1049: updated hotel rates display - hide rate retrieval failures
  • LM-1055: updated cancellation function for PNRs with failed JQ segments
  • LM-1140: updated accessibility booking page air flight form labels
  • LM-1257: sort country Risk List alphabetically
  • LM-841: resolved Advance Options air search issue
  • LM-1270: resolved bug causing errors when booking ACH content

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