Roses are red, violets are blue, these updates will make a happier you. 

Car: Search Update

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now search for a specific car type when creating a car booking (LM-1114):

LM - 1114.png 

Profiles: Seat Preference

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now add Seat prefences in the Traveller's profile (LM-530):


Note: further development may be required to send this data to other profile systems. 

Supported Browsers: Update

Travelport Locomote have recently updated their list of supported browers:


  • Google Chrome - latest 5 versions
  • Mozilla Firefox - latest 5 versions 
  • Microsoft Edge - latest 5 versions 
  • Internet Explorer 11


  • Apple iOS - latest 3 versions 
  • Android - latest 3 versions 

Please contact your Travelport Locomote representative if you any questions.

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-442: updated date picker for passport date fields
  • LM-506: updated keyboard tab order for flight segments
  • LM-544: added warning message when more than three premium modules are in use  
  • LM-621: updated underscore characters in email address for PNR
  • LM-703: updated currency in notification emails
  • LM-716: added loyalty provider 'Fraser World'
  • LM-992: added loyalty provider 'Bulgaria Air Fly More'
  • LM-1094: updated FBT Report timezone from AEST to UTC
  • LM-1032: updated Tramada File Finishing lead Traveller fields
  • LM-1154: updated search field placeholder text for Country Risk List
  • LM-1225: upgrade to XML logs (CBT loading issue)
  • LM-596: resolved 'trip contains no valid travellers' error
  • LM-881: resolved Agency Department auto-creation logic
  • LM-1075: resolved rebooking Cancelled trips issue
  • LM-1130: resolved Travellers with updated email addresses issue
  • LM-1143: resolved authorisation deadline additional year issue
  • LM-1131: resolved Travellers with new email addresses booking issue
  • LM-1155: resolved spelling error in Country Risk List

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