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Dashboard: Itinerary Update

The Travellers and Travel Arranger can now see additional itinerary details on the Locomote Dashboard (#LM-153):

Previously, the Itinerary column only diplayed the first flight destination of the trip request, however, now all the flight destinations will appear.
Travel Consultants View Trip Requests of Archived Users
Travel Consultants can now view the trip requests of archived users (LM-433):
The profile status will appear as PROFILE INACTIVE  to indicate that the profile has been archived. 
Agency Admin: File Finshing Items

Agency Administrators can now capture the travellers' business, home and emergency phone numbers in the PNR using the new File Finishing items (#14359):

  • trip.traveller.businessPhone
  • trip.traveller.homePhone
  • trip.traveller.emergencyPhone
Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • LM-320: update to Additional Information app to prevent users from updating the code
  • LM-451: update UI wording for Travel Reasons
  • LM-167: resolved profile UI information issue
  • LM-400: update to not display module when no data added
  • LM-434: updated lowest file file finishing item for corporate fares
  • LM-80: updated warning message on check-out page to prevent users from booking same trip twice

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