This GRAND product update is destined for a podium finish!

Profile Credit Cards: Update

Travellers and Travel Arranger will now have the ability to identify the credit card(s) entered into a Traveller's profile as Personal or Company type (#LM-172):

This is the first part of an enhancement that will assist users to select the appropriate credit card on the check-out page. 
Review Hotel Rules on Check-Out
Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now review the hotel reservation rules on the checkout page of the Booking Tool in addition to the search interface:
LM299 review.png
LM299 rules.png
Agency Admin: RI Remarks
Agency Administrators can now configure the unassociated RI remarks in the File Finishing (LM-331):
Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • LM-15: department credit card based on trip request selection (platform upfront only)
  • LM-343: 'Select date' text added to fields 
  • #14549: workflow name added to email subject line
  • LM-637: resolved car search issue
  • LM-306: updated hotel room rates display from lowest to highest price
  • LM-125: TMP ID now appears in 'Failed to Book' emails

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