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Additional Information app: Updates

Company Administrators can now configure the Additional Information app fields with a list of predefined values, as well as input validations  (#LM-8):

LM-8 Additional Information app.png
This will make the process easier for Travellers and Travel Arrangers, who will be able to select from a drop-down menu and/or be required to enter data with validation requirements:
LM-8 Additional Information app Workflow.png
Agency Admin: File Finishing Updates
The following File Finishing items have been added to the CBT - Agency Admin:
  • Capture lowest fare leg dates and times (#14376):
    • trip.leg.lowestFare.departureDate
    • trip.leg.lowestFare.arrivalDate
    • trip.leg.lowestFare.departureAirportCode
    • trip.leg.lowestFare.arrivalAirportCode
  • Capture membeship details (#14387):
    • trip.hotel.membership.number
Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • #14127 Company Admins can 'Enable'/'Disable' Reasons for Travel
  • #14551 CBT Profile Home section address to become optional
  • #14382 CBT include Visa types into the profile
  • LM-370 BTM update queue validation to numeric integers
  • LM-411 resolved error message on CBT emails
  • LM-397 resolved Authoriser booking issue
  • LM-98 resolved dulicate bookings issue 
  • LM-344 resolved loading time for cost centres

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