It's reigning some royally good updates.

Hotel: UI Update (Search)

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now enjoy a new design layout for the hotel search segment (LM-1028):


Advanced Options

LM-1028 Advance Options.png

File Finishing: SI Remarks 

CBT Agency Administrators can now add the Travelport Locomote trip title as a File Finishing item (LM-1054):


Emails: Failed to Import Itinerary (New)

Travel Agencies will now recieve an email notification when a trip request has failed to import from the Travelport Locomote booking tool (LM-1208):


The Failed to Import Itinerary email will advise Travel Consultants to manually upload an itiinerary in order for the booking to progress to the next stage of the trip request. 

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-766: updated company logo on Travelport Locomote login page
  • LM-994: updated TMP-CBT Department sync at creation time (not SSO)
  • LM-1208: created new email notification for when trip request fails to import
  • LM-1104: resolved SSO bug for users with CBT only
  • LM-1344: resolved File Finishing error due to wrong uRecord version

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