Back in July 1979 the Sony Walkman was released. These product updates are far more impressive.

Air Search: Preferred Alliances

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now select a preferred airline alliance in the Advance Options when searching for flights (LM-1498):


Vehicle Chargeback IDs

Agency Administrators will now be able to add car memberships (IP/PINs) at the Agency level under the Vehicle Chargebacks section (LM-1651):


Note: this section was previously called Memberships.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-853: hide Travel Details if Live Itinerary feature enabled
  • LM-1496: enable connection point selection for flights 1J
  • LM-1516: update Cancel messaging / UX
  • LM-1571: update Accessibility for Air search
  • LM-1582: update Past Travel section to Travel History
  • LM-1650: add ability to toggle search modifiers (Agency Administrator)
  • LM-1719: update 'Request Change' UI in Itinerary section of trip request
  • LM-1826: add ability to accept Comment in TMP API for ItineraryQuotes
  • LM-649: empty parenthesis is shown for hotel booking
  • LM-1269: resolve search result inconsistencies for car vendor locations
  • LM-1561: resolve Agency Branch Company business hours issue
  • LM-1789: resolve hotel search for locations with geo of more than 6dp
  • LM-1792: resolve private deal code issue for Air search results

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