Here are some award winning updates from our developers!

Email My Trip Details App Updates

The Email My Trip Details app is now an optional application when creating workflows (#13578):


Previously - as the Group Bookings app - this was mandatory app for all workflows. We have also updated the label in the Trip Details side bar navigation to correctly display the new application title (#13802):


Remove Mandatory Requirements for Itinerary Quotes Attachments

Locomote have removed the mandatory requirement to upload a document when submitting a quotation in the platform (#13823):
13823 TMC Upload Quotes.png
When no document is provided the user will see contextual information ("No Attachment Required"):
No Attachment Required.png
This feature enhancement will allow Travel Consultants to provide quote options more efficiently to Travellers, Travel Arranger and Authorisers.
Agency Admin: File Finishing Updates
The following File Finishing items have been added to the CBT - Agency Admin:
  • trip.bookingPerson.role
  • trip.leg.lowestFare.base
  • trip.leg.lowestFareInPolicy.base
Note: the following file finishing items have been migrated to the new text configuration. 
  • trip.leg.lowestFare.amount to
  • trip.leg.lowestFareInPolicy.amount to

We also now allow Agency Admins to order File Finishing lines by dragging each line into a new position (#13765). 

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • #14001: additional data fields in the FBT Travel Dairy Report
  • #14020: updated date picker for FBT Travel Diary app
  • #14149: resolved Transfer Segment timezone bug
  • #14002: updated UI footer for 'Support'
  • #14156: resolved bookings for 1V queues
  • #13908: updated CBT Booking Logs with TMP contextual data

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