As we launch in the UK this week, here are some updates that even her Majesty would applaud: 

 Travel Details app: Update

For Travellers and Travel Arrangers who search and select air / hotel / car segments at the start of the trip request (CBT upfront), the segments will now no longer be displayed in the Travel Details app when booking (#13965):

Traveller / Travel Arranger select Air / Hotel / Car segments, clicks 'Continue':

13965 P1.png

Traveller / Travel Arranger enters trip details, e.g. Title, Cost Centre, etc.:13965 P2.png

Travel Requirements app: Update

The text written in the 'Messages' field of the Travel Requirements app will now appear under the title as a description (#14322):

Company Admin

14322 Company Admin UI.png

Traveller / Travel Arranger

14322 App UI.png

Agency Admin: File Finishing Updates
The following File Finishing items have been added to the CBT - Agency Admin:
  • Capture filed fare numbers for ACH segments (#LM-14):
    • trip.flight.filedFare.number 

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • #12226 Traveller / Travel Arrangers are now prevented from adding invalid credit cards into the booking tool
  • #12735 update to baggage information
  • #14335 update "Name" to "Hotel Name" in Travel Details app
  • #13433 update warning message when Travellers cannot submit trip requests
  • #LM-12 update ACH passive segment type to 'TXT'
  • #14135 resolved Supporting Documents .eml file type issue
  • #13662 resolved Authorisers reviewing Traveller's online itineraries
  • #6711 resolved Trip Title length issue
  • #14507 resolved currency in Locomote email notifications
  • #12591 resolved truncated Messages issue
  • #LM-65 resolved car bookings with discounted rate issue
  • #12735 resolved hotel negotiated rate issue (corporate ID invalid)


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