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Warning Message For Car Pick Up Dates and Times

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now be advised in the Australia and/or New Zealand online one-way faring workflows when the Car pick-up time conflicts with Flight Arrival time (#LM-4):

LM4 Warning Banner.png

When the Traveller and/or Travel Arranger clicks the Continue button, an additional message will appear to confirm the user would like to proceed with their booking: 

LM4 Warning Message.png

Note: this feature will not be able to detect conflicts if the Car Pick Up location is different to the Flight Arrival location.

Agency Admin: File Finishing Updates
The following File Finishing items have been added to the CBT - Agency Admin:
  • Capture policy violation code at the filed fare level using (#LM-66):
    • trip.flight.filedFare.policyViolation.code

    • trip.flight.filedFare.policyViolation.reasonCode

  • Lowest fare reported at search at the filed fare level using (#LM-16):

    • trip.flight.filedFare.segmentNumbers


    • trip.flight.filedFare.lowestFare.base



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