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Air Search Options: Time Window

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can set a time search window for flight results, which will help bookers find more accurate flight options (#13356):

13356 Search Time Window (Intl).png

Note: the Advance Search Options functionality is not available in the Australia and/or New Zealand one-way faring workflows. 

Agency Admin: File Finishing Updates
The following File Finishing items have been added to the CBT - Agency Admin (#14363):
    • trip.traveller.passport.number

    • trip.traveller.passport.expiryDate


Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • #13013: update currency data in TMP
  • #14431: update File Finishing admin page - Form of Payment line item
  • uPolicy: updated policy codes fixtures in booking tool for fare caps
  • #14264: resolved Forward Authorisation visibility in non-applicable states
  • #14231: resolved invalid flight start/end dates issue
  • #14411: resolved CBT export fails due to incomplete home address

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