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Archive Department Warning Message

Company Administrators will now receive a warning message when archiving a Department (LM-1841): 


This warning message advises that "changing this department state to inactive will remove all associated data, including department level credit cards, memberships and rates"; the Company Administrator can choose to Proceed or Cancel archiving the Department. 

Forward to Travel Consultant Message Update 

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see updated messaging when a booking fails on the check-out page (LM-840):


LM-840 Check Out.png

Trip Submitted

LM-840 Booking Submitted.png

Note: if a booking fails on check-out, the trip request will remain in a Quote Partially Issued state until the Travel Consultant has uploaded a completed itinerary. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-517: Company Administrators can edit all trips for their Travellers
  • LM-1758: added alphabetical sorting of CBT company departments
  • LM-1791: department credit cards entered in TMP will be created in CBT
  • LM-2095: added ability to specify a default chargeback ID for a given vehicle vendor
  • LM-907: resolve "Error 500" when entering in phone details for some countries; user will be prompted to add using the international format
  • LM-1810: resolve scroll in ios for Live Itineraries

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