These product updates are almost as intense as a union of ice and fire... 

Hotel: Search Update

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see an update to the Hotel search, which will prioritise Cities and Airports in the drop-down menu before Address in the Location field (LM-2097):


Departments: Warning Message 

Company Administrators will now be advised before archiving a Department that this action will remove all associated data, including department level credit cards, memberships and rates (LM-1543):


Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-969: added Requested Baggage 'Yes' to Locomote emails 
  • LM-1790: removed Air / Hotel / Car check boxes for individual credit cards
  • LM-2067: updated Itinerary tab to display at Complete Booking state
  • LM-2160: added common tax item to CBT checkout for TravelFusion
  • LM-2112: updated Itinerary tab to display for online workflows only
  • LM-2281: added Maningrida (MNG), Warrnambool (WMB) and Naypyidaw (NYT) to Travel Details (TMP only)
  • LM-2400: updated TravelFusion fares with policies 
  • LM-612: resolved 'Click here to review' in Authoriser email issue
  • LM-2137: resolved multi-city flight search for TravelFusion fares

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