This product update is tremendous, it's fantastic - in fact some people tell me it's the best product update in the history of product updates.

Department-level Credit Cards 

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see on the check out page the credit card assigned to the Department selected at time of booking (LM-1812):

LM-1812 ENG Trip.png

LM-1812 ENG.png

For companies who do not have the Department field enabled but use Department-level credit cards, the check-out page will display the credit card of the Department assigned to the Traveller's profile:

LM-1812 BO.png

LM-1812 BO Check Out.png

Dashboard Update

Travelport Locomote have updated some of the labels on the Dashboard sidebar and within the Profiles for consistency (LM-2161):


Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-371: added 'Unlock' feature for Company Administrators
  • LM-1463: updated Dhaka, Bangladesh name for air search
  • LM-2181: resolved City location selected for air search issue
  • LM-2198: resolved Reason for Travel search issue

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