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International Visa module: Update 

The International Visas module leverages third party data from CIBT to check the visa requirements for the countries that the traveller is visiting. This module has been updated so that Traveller and Travel Arrangers only need to answer the question 'Have you ontained them?' if the user has confirmed that a visa is 'Required for country/s being visited' (LM-2025):

LM-2025 No.png

LM-2025 Yes.png

Car: UI Update (Search)

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now enjoy a new design layout for the car search segment (LM-1325):


Air: Form of Payment Update

CBT Agency Administrators can now nominate a Company-level credit card to be charged for ACH content when the primary form of air payment is 'On Account' (LM-1100):


Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-877: add warning message for incorrect loyaty memberships
  • LM-1577: add configuration option for agency to auto mark as booked
  • LM-1720: add Air Asia loyalty membership (TMP only)
  • LM-1917: update text for Hotel Chain (Preferences)
  • LM-2055: update Cost Centre field search functionality
  • LM-2057: update Department field search functionality 
  • LM-2149: update time search window settings for International air search (e.g. from two hours from the time selected, to an hour either side)
  • LM-861: resolved Frequent Flyer membership issue 
  • LM-1762: resolved Eurostar booking fatal error
  • LM-1855: resolve 'No Uploaded Itineraries' issue
  • LM-1879: resolve Intercom issue
  • LM-2130: resolve name on card field

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