Get your umbrella! Locomote is about to shower you with product updates:

 Hotels: Policy Warning Message

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see a message advising if there are no hotel search results within the company's travel policy (LM-516):


 Country Risk: Country Risk Lists


The Country Risk module leverages data directly from Department of Foreign Affairs & Trading (DFAT) and displays a risk rating notification for each country the traveller is visiting (i.e. the destination of travel). The new Country Risk Lists feature allows Company Administrators to create an alternative risk rating source, whereby a Company can determine and maintain whether a country's risk level is Normal precautions, High degree of caution, Reconsider travel or Do not travel (LM-725):


For more information on how to confirgure the Country Risk module, check out the Locomote Support Centre!

Note: the Country Risk Lists requires manual updating by an Agency and/or Company Administrator. Locomote cannot guarantee that the information is accurate or current when the trip request is created and/or when the Traveller is travelling. 

New: Approval Exception 

Company Administrators can now configure a Locomote CBT workflow to bypass cost approval when the booking is in policy and contains only low cost carrier flights (i.e. no GDS segments), hotel and/or car segments (LM-513):


Note: if the workflow utilisise the Country Risk module then the workflow may still require risk approval. 
Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • LM-314: update distance filter for hotel searches
  • LM-968: reinstated Agency Department Company field
  • LM-773: resolved unknown Traveller error in SSO
  • LM-927: resolved spelling error (Stop Over)
  • LM-600: resolved JS error for city auto-complete
  • LM-346: resolved reset password issue (IE9)

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