Please see our enhancements for these two weeks below. 

Ability for Site Admin users to bulk import Authorisers   

To improve the on-boarding/implementation process, Site Admin users (only) can now assign a First Level Authoriser, a Second Level authoriser, and a Risk Authoriser to a traveller using the bulk importer.  

Refer - Pull request #4943  (LM-6562)  

Update Employee Group using HR feed  

To improve efficiencies related to updating profiles, this enhancement allows updates to the Employee Group field of a profile via the HR feed.  It handles updates whereby a new employee group already exists; an employee group does not exist and re-assigning to a default employee group within TMP.    

Refer - Pull request #4940 (LM-7325) 

Source of Funds module - Responsiveness  

The Source of Funds module has been enhanced to be made more responsive on mobile devices, as it was not displaying correctly on smaller devices.   The module will also display the first input area by default.  

View on desktop  


View on mobile  


Edit on desktop  


Edit on mobile 


Refer - Pull request #4937  (LM-7259)  

Source of Funds module - User Interface enhancement  

In order to be consistent with other modules, the Source of Funds module now contains the currency code instead of the currency symbol at the start of the value field. Additionally, borders and field are now surrounded by a smooth border.  

Note:  The currency displayed is the "Default Currency Code" that is configured via Site Admin.    

Desktop view   


Mobile view  



Refer - Pull request #4956  (LM-6627 ) 

SmartPoint plug-in 

In order to distinguish if quote contained in the SmartPoint plug-in is required for Review or Authorisation, the check-box and submit button will be labelled accordingly.   

 Cost Review -       Cost Authorise - 

   blob-197  blob-209                                   

blob-192      40a62092-d5e4-4c88-bd96-712db8acc82f



Refer  Pull Request #4939  (LM-7211) 

uPolicy (Air) - Extend Lowest Recommended fare rule  

This enhancement allows the Lowest Recommended fare policy to be applied for either Domestic or International destinations for Travelfusion sourced content. 

An administrator is required to set the fare +/- variance for the unit currency via uPolicy 

uPolicy configuration -  


The search results returned will display an icon to indicate flight that are out of policy from the recommended unit currency fare.  

Out of Policy Search Result for TravelFusion sourced flights will appear as -  


Refer - Pull request #3000  (LM-7252)   

Fare Families - Matrix with services for one-way flights  

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet. 

In preparation for the implementation of Fare Families, work has commenced to display a matrix with services for one-way flights.  When the user selects a fare with Fare Family data available, then the grid with services for the Included option is displayed.  


Refer - Pull request #3011  (LM-6791)  

Fare Families - Apply filter by Cabin Class for Brands  

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet. 

When the user initiates the search for a flight by "Economy" cabin class (for instance) and selects an airfare from the search results, the list of brand options containing "Economy" cabin class will be displayed only.  Similarly, if the user initiates the search for a round trip with departure in "Economy" cabin class and "Business" cabin class for the return flight, then selects any airfares from the search result, the list of brand options containing "Economy" and "Business" Cabin Class will be displayed only.  





Refer - Pull request #3013  (LM-7010)  

Fare Families  Upsell at Company level  

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet. 

We have added the ability to enable/disable the ‘Fare Families Upsell option at a Company level for all company policies.  Note – This is disabled by default.    

Refer - Pull request #3020  (LM-7460)  

Fare Families  Fare rules link   

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet.  

When a Traveller/Travel Arranger searches for a flight; selects an airfare; and clicks on any Brand Option, then the "Fare rules" link at the bottom of the column is displayed.    

Additionally, when the user clicks the Fare rules link, a pop-up window with all the fare rules is displayed.    (Note:  This is the same pop-window that exists currently when a user clicks on "More details")  




Refer - Pull request #3033  (LM-7503)  

Fare Families - Checkout after the Brand Option is selected  

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet. 

When Traveller/Travel Arranger books a trip using Online International workflow and selects a flightthen all Brand options with prices are displayed.  

If the user switches to any other Brand option, then the price is changed to the selected Fare and the user can continue the booking, in which the specified price is displayed on the Checkout page.  


Check-out Page  


Refer - Pull request #3014  (LM-7028)  


Bug Fixes  

The traveller/travel arranger should not be able to "Decline all" quotes  

Currently, Travellers/Travel Arrangers can 'Decline all' Quotes at any point, particularly when no action is required by them.  For example, when a trip is awaiting authorisation by an Authoriser. 

Now, a Traveller/Travel Arranger, will only see 'Decline all' when quotes are in Review Itinerary state.  Decline All will not be visible to them once the trip is in Quote Issued state.    

Refer - Pull request #4953  (LM-6609   

Hotelzon  - Time format 

Hotelzon integration is currently work in progress and not available to clients.  

In preparation for Hotelzon integration, we are transforming the check-in and check-out times provided by Hotelzon This development changes the time format from 2 digits to 4 (example:  14 to 1400). This brings the time visualisation into line with the check-in/check-out time that is displayed for uAPI sourced hotel content. 

Additionally, we have resolved the issue where if phone or fax values were not provided in the Hotelzon data, it would appear as object object.    

 Refer - Pull request #3034 (LM-7338)   

Hotelzon CBT Configuration  

Hotelzon integration is currently work in progress and not available to clients.   

This issue addresses configuration issues for Hotelzon, as it was discovered during testing that the settings still appeared even though Hotelzon was not enabled as a provider.   

Refer - Pull request #3025 (LM-6707)  


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