The following enhancements have been introduced on 7 November 2018.

Date and Time fields for Offline Flight and Car segments

This affects the Date and Time fields for Offline Flight and Car segments. 

Currently the Time field is automatically set to 6AM when no value is given. Additionally, the Time field is automatically set to 12AM if the Date is set but the Time isn't.

Now, you will receive a validation error message when the Time and/or Date is not set and the Time field will be left blank.

Refer:  LM-6775

'Email Your trip details to' Module can search by email address

Currently, you can only search by first and last name in the 'Email Your trip details' Module.

Now, you can also search by an email address.

Search by Name                                                  Search by Email 


Refer: LM-7560

’Quote Total Cost’ to reflect changes made in the PNR

Currently, when the itinerary is changed directly in the GDS, TMP shows the old cost amount.   Now, if we are monitoring the PCC (Live Itinerary enabled) and the TMP Quote has a pnr code, then the cost will be updated automatically.


  • Updating of itinerary cost will not restart approval process
  • Updating of itinerary cost will not resend email notifications with new amount
  • If cost is changed to empty, such as booking cancelled, then TMP doesn't overwrite existing value

Refer: LM-7243  

Profile API -  Now supports the creation and update of ‘Other Requests’  

This only impacts users of our Profile API.  

We now support the creation and update requests via the Profile API for the ‘Other Requests’ field (and the corresponding ‘Comments’ field), via the “Preferences” tab in a user’s Profile.

Refer:  5710 & 5730

Profile API - Allow ‘Policy Group’ to be restored

This only impacts users of our Profile API.  

We were previously only allowing our Profile API users to archive a ‘Policy Group’.  Now we have added the ability to restore a previously archived Policy Group through the API

Inactive (Archived) 

Active (Restored) 

Refer:  LM-6960  

Profile API Character limits

This only impacts users of our Profile API.  

Email; Home Email; Loyalty Memberships (Account Number, Membership Name, Level); Cost Centres (Code, Name); Offices (Code, Name) Employee Groups (Code, Name) Policies (Name, Code) all have a character limit of 255 characters.  Currently, a user will receive the validation error message in the User Interface, however this validation error did not exist when the data source was the Profile API.   Now the API validation will match the User Interface validation.

Refer:  LM-7654

Cost Centre Allocation Module in ‘view’ mode

Implement the new design for the Cost Centre Allocation module when it is in ‘view’ mode.   

Refer: LM-7345  

Improved ‘Reasons for Travel’ Module when comment is required

Currently, the error validation message is not clear as to when the ‘Comment’ field is required.   This has now been enhanced to alert user when a ‘Comment’ is required.    

Refer:  LM-7086

Travelfusion - Invalid routing error responses

This enhancement provides a clearer message to the end user when there is a delay in the booking process, due to the loss of live flight availability – which is caused by an "Invalid routing ID" error received from TravelFusion.





Refer:  LM-7183

Bug Fixes and Internal Updates

Improve test scenarios that rely on time-picker value


Moved ‘module_dom_id’ and ‘module_dom_type’ of WorkflowModule to new method NaN


Replace calls to EnvSettings with ENVied


Site Admin can now better understand reason for bulk import failure/error


Removed ‘Company Units’ as they are no longer used (standard is ‘Company Code’)


Validation for ‘Alternative Title’ now exists when Employee Group is added/amended via the Assignments tab, as TravelFusion content linked to employee groups


New global spinner has been added to the Vue.JS library to be used in TMP for the Quotes designs


New design for radio button has been added to the Styleguide in order to make them consistent throughout the platform


Changes to the backend structure of the Additional Information Module have been made in order to customize it as a responsive ‘questionnaire’.  No UI changes


Internal report to determine module usage


MixPanel to track when a user clicks on “Authorise quote” and “Decline all quotes”


Bug fix for some state changes that were not correctly captured by MixPanel


Refactoring code to prevent errors occurring when background jobs are running.


No longer track user activities on Profile Page for Full Story


Introduced warning message when db migrations are absent in changes or when db/schema.rb` file is absent in changes. 


Technical frontend enhancements in preparation for new Itinerary Quotes design


FBT Declaration Report fix for date range issue 


Bug fix for Offline workflows – date/time validation error for hotel/car only trips



Improve testing to cater for the 'updated_at' field which may have different values before and after the API request


Ability to import a Locomote trip into TripAssist as part of the Booking as a Service feature




Rectified issue whereby new seat map was not compatible with TravelFusion content


When trip was created by Travel Arranger for a Traveller, the seat map was displayed several times for each user.  Now only one seat map is displayed for Traveller/Travel Arranger when "Select Seat" button is clicked


In order to prevent a ‘general’ error received during the booking process, we will retry the call to uAPI when universalRecordGet returns "Accessed by another transaction. Retry later” response.


The template for the new Seat Map info panel has been changed so that the Carrier Name is no longer truncated


Changes to automated tests to capture Form of Payment error at checkout


Improve the automated test infrastructure for developers using MacOS


A "General Error" is no longer received when multiple hotel searches are performed, resulting in any of the searches unable to locate a hotel.


Convert Coffee script to Java script for - services/trip_services/book/tasks/translations


Updated credit card file finishing fields so they continue to work with the changes being introduced for Conferma


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