Add currency code to modules:

We have been enhancing our modules to include the respective currency code (i.e. AUD) instead of the currency symbol (i.e. "$"), so that a traveller knows which currency value has been set.   The decimal place has also been updated from "0.0" to "0.00" to denote that the system accepts up to two values after the decimal.

Refer:  LM-7627

Mapping new VA Trans Tasman fare structure:

As of 28 October 2018, Virgin Australia have made changes to Trans Tasman fare families.  Locomote has been updated to reflect the correct classes in their respective Fare Family:

Refer:  LM-7750

Tramada - LCBB remark:

As Tramada processes costings based on one value per vendor locator, changes were required to Locomote to combine fare totals when there are multiple fares with the same record locator for the same airline.  

Locomote will add the combined total into the pnr as a notepad remark (TRM-LCBB) using File Finishing configuration.

Refer:  LM-7367

Enhancements - Coming soon

Fare Families  Icon and Banner to highlight out-of-policy Brand Options

5Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet.

When a user selects an airfare with Fare Family options available, and the Fare Family Upsell option contains fares that are out of policy, we now display the "Out of Policy" icon and the alert message (banner) with the reasons for the policy violation. When the user hovers over the icon, the reason of breaking policy is displayed as a tool-tip.

NoteThis will only be visible when the "Fare Families Upsell" feature is turned on (at Company level) and the "Universal API version" is set to 17.4 (at Agency level)

Refer:  LM-7393

Fare Families - Mark any ‘Upsell’ fare above the Highest Allowed (within policy) as an Out of Policy for Fare Families Options

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet.

When a user selects an “Upsell” airfare option, and that option is more expensive than the ‘Highest Allowed Fare within Policy’, then the Reason for breaking policy dropdown field is displayed, together with an alert message (banner) stating “Upsell fare exceeds the highest allowed airfare within policy”.  

Refer:  LM-7390

Booking as a Service for TripAssist 

Booking as a Service feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet.

As it takes a few moments for TripAssist to load the Locomote hotel/car interface, we need to inform the user that this is in progress.  As such, we have added a loading screen page that is displayed while the trip is prepared.  

Refer:  LM-7458

Bug Fixes and Internal Updates 

Fix sporadic test failures caused by the ‘time-picker’ value being incorrectly set


Fix Staging deployments that are failing for TMP


Test ‘Trip Notification’ to observe failures


Character limitation for ‘Quote Title’ field (future development)


Test submission_workflow_ modules to observe failures caused by ‘time-picker’


MixPanel -  Added new “Billing Category” to all existing TMP tracked events


Booking as a Service for TripAssist  - prevent errors in IE11 due to JavaScript


Fixed a Form of Payment error at checkout for Car bookings when selecting ‘Pay at Pickup’


Fixed 2 new uapi fixtures that had the old FOP format


Coffescript to Javascript refactoring for services/translation_service/ currency_service


Fix issue during Trip modification when new form of payment is used for Air


Apply PaymentDetail Service to CBT, so that credit card details for creating/modifying bookings are no longer stored as part of the booking data


TravelFusion – cache the flight results to reduce the amount of memory required and improve performance for TravelFusion flight results, particularly for GermanWings



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