The following enhancements have been introduced this week.  

Smartpoint  - Prepare API for Quotes feature  

This development involves backend changes and is not visible to the end user. 

In preparation for Locomote quotes to display in the SmartPoint plug-in, new API endpoints for Smartpoint have been created.   Once the User Interface has been completed, this will allow a consultant working in SmartPoint to view existing quotes in Locomote, in order to edit authorisation deadline without having to go into the trip in Locomote desktop. 

Refer - Pull request #4947 (LM-7356 ) 


UTAS Travel Budget Module to support new Cost Centre field  

Currently, Departments and Cost Centres exist in all workflows.  In preparation for converting Departments and Cost Centres to a separate "Module", whereby a company can choose to include them in a workflow, development is required to the UTAS Travel Budget module to include a 'cost centre' field.  
The cost centre selected in the Travel Details module will now be pre-filled in the UTAS Travel Budget module.  

This does not affect the Cost Centre Allocation module.  If the Cost Center Allocation Module is configured with the UTAS Travel Budget Module, then the Cost Centre field in the UTAS Travel Budget  module is not pre-filled and all available Cost Centres are shown in the dropdown.  

Refer - Pull request #4964 (LM-7519 and LM-6819 )


Profile API -  Allow Other Requests data to be deletevia the API  

For consumers of the Profile API only. 

This enhancement will allow data to be deleted in the Other Requests and corresponding Comments fields of the Locomote Profile (refer Preferences tab) 


Refer - Pull request #4967 (LM-5733 )  


BaaS -  Booking modification with limited profile data  

This enhancement is in preparation for 'Booking as a Service' for TripAssist 

It allows a Locomote CBT booking for Hotels and Cards to be created/modified via TripAssist when limited profile information exists.  As long as FirstName, LastName and EmailAddress exist in the Travellers profile, then a Hotel and Car segment can be booked, or added to an existing PNR.  Additionally, it also allows for a credit card to be added during the booking process for profiles with only FirstName, LastName and EmailAddress 

Refer - Pull request #3023  


Fare Families -  Apply Fare Families up sell enabling  

Fare Families feature is currently in progress and not available to clients yet. 

This development is to display Fare Families at the search screen (after flight is selected) if Fare Families Up sell option is enabled via the Company Admin page.  We now provide a new user interface in order to display these flights with upgrade options.   



Refer - Pull request #3038 (LM-5932)  


Enable new Seat Map design  

A new Seat Map design has been implemented.  When a User books a trip using online workflow and clicks the "Select seat" button on the checkout page, the new seat selection map will be invoked as a separate page for the user to confirm their seat selection. 

Once a seat is selected using the Select button, then the button is re-labelled to "Change.   

When changing an existing seat, the previously selected seat is displayed in green.  The User can click the Remove button, in which the seat selected is removed in order for the User to select another seat  

Desktop view   


Mobile view 


Refer - Pull request #3044 (LM-7630)  


Bug Fixes for the week

Email Notifications  Emojis in messages causing multiple retries  

Email Notifications sent from the Locomote platform were being delayed.  They were delayed due to the backlog of emails attempting to send multiple times due to an error received.  The error was caused by the system unable to store the emoji contained in the email notification.   

This has now been resolved and Users can now send emails with emojis. 


Refer - Pull request #4968 (LM-7321) 


CBT automated deployment  introduce sanity check 

Currently, Locomote users are warned ahead of time that a CBT maintenance period is approaching.  It was recently discovered that this warning message was showing incorrect information regarding the next scheduled CBT maintenance.   To address this, a sanity check has been added so that users are not confused when the Locomote CBT maintenance warnings appears.   

Refer - Pull request #3037 (LM-7616)   


Rounding issue with Lowest Fare offered  

Currently, there is a rounding issue when the lowest fare is offered and booked, whereby a fare variance of 0.01 cent appears between the search and check-out page.  We now provide proper calculations of price values, so they are now equal amounts, ensuring File Finishing remarks and reporting are accurate.    

Incorrect values - (0.01cent difference)   


Previously - Warning message due to 0.01cent differential -  


Now - No longer receive warning message as values are equal -  


Refer - Pull request #3039  (LM-7484)  

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