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Messages: contact travel management company

Users can now contact their Travel Management Company (TMC) via the Messages section of the trip request (#10509):


Previously, users had to select a Travel Consultant who may not have been assigned to their area of the business or booking type (e.g. a user contacting a Travel Consultant dedicated to Singaporean employees or International trip reqests only). Messages will now be sent to a dedicated Agency Department inbox to ensure your enquiries are responded to by the right consultants. 

For more information about the Messages functionality, check out this tutorial!

COMPANY ADMINSTRATORS: VIEw booking tool itineraries

Company Administrators can now view the itineraries generated by the Locomote Corporate Booking Tool (#10433):

View_Itinerary_CBT_Pop_Up_Window.png Company Administrators previously needed to be the Travel Arranger for the Traveller to be able to view this type of itinerary. 

For more information on how to view, share and download booking tool itineraries, check out this tutorial!

Trip Details: Hotel Name field

When a user is selecting a hotel segment within the Travel Details application, they have the option to add a Hotel Name, which will request the Travel Consultant to provide a quote with that hotel (#10691):


Originally this field box was blank, however to help advise users that this field is not mandatory, we have inserted the text 'Optional'. Please be advised, if you are submitting a trip request with a booking tool configured workflow i.e. a travel consultant is not providing quotes, you can enter the name of the hotel when the booking tool loads (Hotel Name field):


For more information on how to submit trip requests with the Locomote Corporate Booking Tool (CBT), check out this tutorial!

EMAIL: Business case for travel field update

The email field Travel Description has been renamed Business Case for Travel as the information is sourced from this application (#5236).

CARS: search results SORTED BY POLICY

Users will now be able to see all preferred car vendors displayed at the top of the search results (#10841):


Previously, car search results were only sorted by price order (cheapest to the most expensive). This enhancement will prioritise the preferred car vendors before non-preferred suppliers:


This enhancement will help users select options inline with their Company's policy.

CARS: vendor locations sorted by policy

When a user clicks on the Pick Up/Drop Off Location to select a car depot, the vendor locations will be sorted by the Company's policy configurations (#10939):


Originally the depot locations were sorted by vendor in alphabetical order and users may have had to scroll down to find their Company's preferred supplier; this enhancement will help users select options inline with their Company's policy. 

booking tool: company rates

Agency Administrators will now be able to select an option to Use Company's rates at a Department level (#10107):


This enhancement will save Agency Administrators time from having to add the Company rates individually. 


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