New File Finishing Field Items & More

Say hylô to our latest product updates!

file finishing: New field items

Agency Administrators can now select the following File Finishing field items:

Trip Items (#10247): trip.traveller.departmentName, trip.policyGroupCode and trip.policyGroupName10247_File_Finishing_Trip_Items_CBT.png10247_File_Finishing_Trip_Items_GDs.png

Flight Items (#10249): trip.flight.departureAirportCode and trip.flight.arrivalAirportCode10249_GDS_Flight_Departure_Arrival_Airport_Code.png10249_File_Finishing_Flight_Departure_Arrival_Airport_Code.png

email travel management company (Booking errors)

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now email the full Locomote booking tool itinerary to their Travel Management Company if the first segment of the trip fails to book (#10397): 

Previously users had to contact their Travel Management Company and provide all the information on the segments they were trying to book. 

Edit button: pending itinerary & itinerary review

User will now be able to able to edit trip requests that are in the trip request state Pending Itinerary and Itinerary Review (#10881):



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