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AIR: new location added - avalon airport

Users can now search for flights to/from Melbourne direct to either Avalon or Tullamarine (#10602):

Travel Details Application 10602_TMP-Avalon_Airport.pngBooking Tool 10602_CBT-Avalon_Airport.png

Previously, when users searched for flights to/from Melbourne, the search results would display options for both Tullamarine and Avalon; this enhancement helps users select the most suitable route for their trip request. 

For more information on how to submit trip requests with the Locomote Corporate Booking Tool (CBT), check out this tutorial!


FILE FINISHING: Support accounting remarks (DI)

Agency Adminstrators can now select [DI.FT] Accounting (Free Text) and [DI.AC] Accounting (Customer) in the Line dropdown options (#9402):


Car: pick up / drop off search enhancement

When a user requires a different Pick Up or Drop Off locations when searching for a car in the Locomote Corporate Booking Tool, users can now simplify the search results by clicking All Locations by a Vendor Location type (e.g. City Centre; Airport)  (#10515):

10515_Car_Depot.png This will default the Drop Off location to same search criteria:10515_All_Locations_Car.pngUsers will still be able to select different Pick Up and Drop Off Locations:10515_Different_Car_Depots.png

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