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Company administrators: access to all travellers

Company Administrators can now select any user from the Current Traveller menu to submit and/or view trip requests (#3133):


Previously, Company Administrators needed to be a Traveller Arranger and assigned to Travellers before they could submit and/or view trip requests for other users. This meant a Company Administrator may not have been assigned to newly created profiles and couldn't access users straight away. Locomote implemented this change to help save time from having to continuously - and manully - assign Company Administrators to profiles.   

For more information on how to book travel for others, check out this tutorial!

confirmation email option for new profiles   

Users can now send a confirmation email when creating a new profile (#9343): 9343_1.png

Originally, when a Company Administror - or a Travel Arranger - created a new profile, they were required to add a temporary password in the Set Password section. The confirmation email check-box has replaced the temporary password fields, allowing profiles to be created faster and also providing users quicker access to Locomote: 

9343_2.pngIf the confirmation email check-box is not ticked, users can still access Locomote by creating a new password; for further information, check out this tutorial!

Check-out page Update: car memberships

Trip Requesters no longer have to select a membership when booking a car segment, as the membership field on the check-out page is now more responsive to the type of car rate selected (#9498):

Corporate Discount (CD) Rate


If a Corporate Discount (CD) rate is selected, the booking tool will automatically assign the Company membership (if provided). Corporate Discounts ar

Company Membership (ID) Rate

If a Company Membership (ID) rate is selected, the booking tool will disbale the Membership field as it is not applicable for the rate selected.   

 No Rate Selected


If a standard rate is selected, the booking tool will allow you to select a Membership (if provided).    

If you want to add a car membership - or any other loyalty program - to your profile, check out this tutorial!

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