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Airline Credits available on Locomote's Corporate booking tool

Our developers have been working long and hard to bring you the tickets on hold functionality. Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now be able to select any valid ticket credits held for flight segments on the checkout page of the booking tool:


This will prompt your dedicated Travel Mangement Company to apply these ticket credits to the booking in compliance with airline rules. Please note, airline fees may apply for utilising ticket credits.


Default traveller group

The name of the default Traveller Group has changed from Default to All Employees. When a new profile is added into Locomote, the user is now automatically assigned to the Traveller Group All Employees:


This will allow users to submit trip requests for newly created travellers, if a worklow has been assigned to this Traveller Group. 

Note: if a workflow requires an Assigned Authoriser and/or Risk Authoriser, a user will need to update the traveller's profile. 

To learn more about Employee Groups, check out this tutorial!

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