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NEW LABEL STATE: QUOTE partially issued

A new label state - Quote Partially Issued - has been introduced for requests submitted via Locomote's booking app where a booking error has occurred for one of the segments* (#8333):


The Travel Management Company and user that submitted the trip request will receive an email to advise that one of the segments will need to be managed by a travel consultant:


The travel consultant will need to upload a complete itinerary to the trip request and for the Authoriser to approve/decline (if applicable):


For more information on how to upload an itinerary quote to a trip request, check out this tutorial!

*The above enhancement will be triggered if there is at least one sucessful segment booked. If all of the segments have erred, then a pop-up window will appear to advise: An error occurred while making the booking, please try again or send your itinerary to the TMC. To request a travel consultant to action your booking, click Send Itinerary

department/Cost centre: 'save as default' 

Users will now be able to create a preferred Department (if applicable) and Cost Centre by clicking on the Save as default star (#10985):


This field will then be pre-populated the next time a trip request is submitted. 

For more information on how to submit a trip request within Locomote, click here!

'My Profile' functionality

When a user selects the option My Profile in the account menu, this will direct the user to their Profile (#10637):


Previously when a Company Administrator or Travel Arranger had selected a user in the Current Traveller menu and then click My Profile, this would then open the profile of the traveller. Company Administrators and Travel Arrangers will still be able to view and update profiles* via the Admin section or by clicking View Profiles. This enhancement will ensure the functionality is consistent with other users experiences accessing their profiles in Locomote.

*Travel Arrangers will only be able to view the profiles and arrange travel for users who they have been assigned to. If you are a Travel Arranger and cannot locate a Traveller, contact your Company Administrator for Locomote. 


Agency Administrators can now add the following File Finishing field items:

 Departments (#11097) trip.traveller.departmentCode 11097_File_Finishing_department.png
Flight Items (#10990): 


Other product updates & Bug Fixes

  • #10622: Grand Chancellor Hotels and Regal Rewards hotel loyalty memberships added.
  • #10639: Archived Users profile fields are greyed out to ensure Company Administrators Unarchive User before changing profile information.
  • #10638: when creating or updating a profiles, users will not be able to add an Employee ID that is currently in use by another profile.
  • #11010: users created via Locomote's API should have a default Policy Group assigned to their profile.
  • #10097: Agency Administrators will now be able to add a Department code and assign a Policy Group (if applicable). 
  • #10661: Site Administrators can now hide Company Administrators as a receipient in the Messages thread. 

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