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Say bonjour to our latest product updates!

New app: Transfer Detail 

The Transfer Detail app provides the Traveller/Travel Arranger the ability to request an Airport Shuttle, Bus, Ferry, Private Transfer and/or Train to be fulfilled by a Travel Consultant (#10079):


Previously, users had to type in these requirements into the Travel Consultant Notes app, which often caused delays in bookings as the consultant would always need to clarify missing information. This new app identifies all the items required for booking for both the Traveller/Travel Arranger and Travel Consultant. 

To find out more on how you can get this app added to your trip request workflow, please contact your Locomote Client Partner or Agency Account Manager. 

UPDATE: FBT Travel Calculator APP

Company Administrators will now be able to configure the thresholds for the FBT Travel Calculator app (#10978):


The FBT Travel Calculator app allows the traveller/travel arranger to record both business and personal activity and travel components for all proposed travel to be assessed for FBT implication. Anticipated FBT liability is calculated before travel is undertaken in order to ensure that the traveler and approver are aware of the potential liability.

The following enhancements are part of Locomote's development work on Trip Editing (#10360):

TRIP EDITS: change booking references (apps)

Travellers/Travel Arrangers will now be able to make Edits to their trip request without impacting the existing itinerary. Once a user has changed information within the apps*, an email will be sent to the Traveller/Travel Arranger to advise the trip request has been successfully updated (#10400):


*Users will not be able to Edit itinerary information i.e. Travel Details or Transfer Detail app, however, the system will prompt them to contact their Travel Management Company (#11571):


TRIP EDITS: change itinerary

Travellers/Travel Arrangers will now be prompted to contact their Travel Management Company via Messages when requiring an itinerary change to an active booking (non-expired PNR) (#10313):



This enhancement will prevent users from creating duplicate bookings and/or loosing their original flight, car and/or hotel segments. Please be advised, that users will be able to update the Reason for Travel, Department and/or Cost Centre in the Travel Details app without contacting the Travel Management Company (#11747). 

Note: if you need to change your Authoriser, please utilise the Forward Authorisation functionality (#11829). For more information, check out this tutorial!

trip edits: Audit trail (messages)

Users will now be able to view Edits to the Reason for Travel, Cost Centre, Billable/Non Billable and other apps* within the Messages section of a trip request (#10318):


 *Additional Information, Business Case for Travel, Matter Related, Travel Consultant Notes, Travel Days, Travel Budget & Travel Destinations (#11511). More apps will be become Editable in the future - watch this space!

In addition, users will only be able to save a trip request in a draft state prior to submission (#10935).


Update: passport expired warning message

Travellers will now be advised if their passport is about to expire and/or if the passport has expired (#11305):


Originally, users were advised if their passport was about to expire or had expired when submitting a trip request for a workflow containing the International Visas app. This enhancement advises Travellers before creating a trip request and does not require the International Visas app to prompt the user. Please be advised, the warning message for expiring/expired passports and visas will still appear in the Documents tab within a profile.


NEW: warning message for cancel/decline of instant purchase bookings

Users will now be prompted with a warning message if they need to Decline and/or Cancel a trip request, which contains an active itinerary with instant purchase segments* (#8131):


*This itinerary will have been generated by the Locomote booking tool; trip requests where the Travel Consultant has provided the booking details, should be discussed with your Travel Management Company. Please be advised that any bookings submitted prior to this deployment may not be supported by this new 

This enhancement will advise users that their trip request has non-refundable segments and they may wish to Message their Travel Management Company before continuing further. If a trip request is Declined or Cancelled all relevant stakeholders will be notified:



When a Traveller/Travel Arranger edits and resubmits a trip request, a confirmation screen will appear (#10723):


When a Traveller/Travel Arranger submits a trip request and encounters a booking tool related error (e.g. page loading or viewing an itinerary), an error page will appear (#7273):




  • #11561: Travel Consultants will now have the ability to disable a booking tool generated quote, rather than deleting the itinerary quote. The disabled quote cannot be approved or restored and will remain visible in the UI for future reference. 
  • #10620: Travel Details will appear in chronological order, by segment in the Prepare Quotes email to Travel Management Company, as well as in the trip request within Locomote
  • #10677: Trip Requests will appear in the Past Travel section of the Dashboard based on the return date
  • #10645: updated colour of Submit for Review button (Travel Consultants)
  • #10636: added warning message if Company Adminstrators add a duplicate Office
  • #11379: updated DFAT data feed for Country Risk app
  • #11502: removed Internet Explorer place holder for Comments field in the Travel Details app
  • #11295: updated text in the Save as Draft message box
  • #11216: removed Agency Department Name from approval headers
  • #11397: added a validation to the (Travel) Details field box in the FBT Travel Calculator app
  • #10966: removed requirement for SSO users to update password when logging into Locomote for the first time
  • #10259: removed the total cost reference for Hotel segments in the Quote Issued email
  • #11758: removed View button for Company Administrators to review booking tool generated itineraries (unless assigned to the Traveller as a Travel Arranger) 
  • #11704: updated Department notepad remarks for file finishing 
  • #11378: updatesd iFrame scrolling functionality for Androi devices
  • #11494: updated iFrame scrolling functionality for iPad Mini devices
  • #11824: updated View functionality for iPad Mini devices
  • #11598: updated UI for Authorisers approving/declining trip requests via Android and iOS devices
  • #11280: resolved Forward Authorisation UI issue
  • #11651: resolved Transfer Details app update issue
  • #11768: resolved Company Administraor approval message issue
  • #11244: resolved Billable/Non-Billable app issue (UAT environment only)

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