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hotel: search results 

Travellers/Travel Arrangers will now be able to experience the new hotel search interface in the Locomote booking tool (#6189). The update features an integrated map view which makes it easier to find the hotel that works best for your business trip:

Previously, users were presented with two options to view hotel search results; a grid format displaying rates and hotel information or a map displaying hotel locations. The rates and hotel details and the image gallery have now been combined into a simpler, more consistent view. What's not to like about the glossy marketing photos? ;-)


Not only has the desktop UX improved, we've also added a fully mobile responsive interface - no more pain booking the hotels on your phone:


Flights: cabin class labels

Travelllers/Travel Arrangers will now be able to view the Cabin Class option for each flight option where there is a multi-leg booking in the flight search results (#6437):


Originally, users were only able to view these details by clicking on the information icon next to the cabin class name. This enhancement will also be responsive to any booking tool policy configurations based on Cabin Class:




  • #11247: Car Vendor Locations improved accuracy to search results for cities without airports
  • #11567: "All Locations" option from car search results has been removed
  • #9718: Commission field in Hotel information is now hidden
  • #11706: improved scrolling issues on iPad
  • #11007: agency online booking fees to be applied despite users changing search criteria
  • #11095: iFrame alignment fix

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