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Say terve to our latest product update!

new: Profile exporter

Company Administrators and Travel Arrangers can now download a profile report (#9449):9449.png

This report will contain the following profile information:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Work Employee ID
  • Email
  • Active/Archived Status
  • Export Status 
  • Last Active

Companies can now better manage their staff profiles within Locomote.

FBT Travel Calculator app: edit update

Travellers / Travel Arrangers will now see an Edit button next to the FBT Travel Calculator application, up until ten days after the return date of the trip request (#12140):12140_FBT_Edit_button.png

If the trip request has passed the allocated editing timeframe for the FBT Travel Calculator, the following message will appear:12140_FBT_no_edit.png

Enhanced booking tool navigation

When the Locomote booking tool is upfront in the trip request process, Travellers / Travel Arrangers will now be able to click < Edit Trip to return back to the booking tool and Edit their trip segments (#10843):


Note: original trip segments will need to reselected. 

The  < Edit Trip to return back to the previous Trip Details also appears on the check-out page (#10566):10566.png

Email UpdateS


Title Added

Users will now be advised the Title of the Traveller and/or Travel Arranger within the following emails (#12064):


Trip Cancelled Email

Travel Consultants will now be advised when a trip request contianing an active PNR is Cancelled (#9880). This notification will help consultants from having to manually check the queues throughout the day. 

Change password: hidden for sso

Users who have logged in via Single Sign On (SSO) will no longer see the Change Password button on the Dashboard (#11856). This will encourage users to log in via SSO only and reduce any confusion needing to change their password. 

If you are interested in learning more about SSO, please contact your Locomote Client Partner or Agency Account Manager for more information. 


  • #11336: created unique constraint for Agency Department name
  • #12037: update to check-out page error message
  • #11992: resolved moving bookings to Cancellation queue(s) issue
  • #12008: resolved logic for Travel Days app 
  • #12238: resolved reply to Messages via email issue
  • #12308: update to booking tool hotel search results UI alignment
  • #12235: update to booking error UI alignment
  • #11874: resolved long Traveller / Travel Arranger name issue (CBT only)
  • #12545: resolved SSO override of First Name and Last Name fields

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