Say hello - in French - to our latest product updates: 

Bulk Profile Assignments Enhancements

Travel Arrangers, Authorisers and Risk Authorisers can now be bulk assigned within a Traveller's profile (#7431):

For example, if a user wants to add two Travel Arrangers to a Traveller's profile, they can simpy type inthe name of the Travel arrangers in the field box and then click the green add button. 

Check out the tutorial here!


Messages: Remember Previous Recipients  

When sending Messages, the last recipient(s) selected will be defaulted the next time you access the Messages section (#9353):


My Trips Tab: Priority Display

When a user logs into Locomote, they will be able to view their trips first (#9260): 


Changes to Authoriser Naming Conventions 

All main instances of 'Approver' and 'Approve' within Locomote have been changed to 'Authoriser' and 'Authorise' (#7358): 


Travel ID: Relocation

The Travel ID - e.g. Travelport ID - has moved from the top of the Personal tab section to the footer section of the profile (#9313):


New Car Payment Option

When booking a car segment on the Locomote booking tool, users will no longer need to provide a form of payment if selecting a company membership (ID) or corporate discount (CD) with charge-back information (#9330):


Email Enhancements 

The Trip ID has moved from the General section of the email to the Codes section (#9096): 

Also, Locomote emails contraining an email address relating to the Travel Management Company (TMC) will now display the Agency Department email address, rather than the travel consultan'ts email details (#8979).

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