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EDIT Functionality: pending booking and booking complete

The Edit button will be removed from any trip request that is in the Pending Booking and Booking Complete status  (#9728). This is enhancement forms part of our development towards post-ticketing changes. 

If a Traveller or Travel Arranger requires changes to their itinerary, users will be able to contact their dedicated Travel Consultant via the Messages thread within the trip request:


A Travel Consultant may upload a new itinerary to the trip request, which will trigger reapproval if required based on workflow set up. 

For more information on how to Edit your trip request, please refer to this turtorial!

TMC: Company Switcher

Travel Consultants can now access any company they are assigned to from the side-mar menu on the Dashboard (#5888):


Previously, Travel Consultants needed to have separate log in credentials for each company. Locomote implemented this change to help the consultants from having to continuously log in and out of the platform to access different companies.   

For more information on the TMC Dashboard, check out this tutorial!

Bulk invite new users

Company Administrators can now bulk invite new users via the Locomote Dashboard (#9905):


Previously, Company Administrators needed to manually enter email addresses one by one; this enhancement will allow companies to invite all their employees to Locomote. 

For more information on how to invite new users to Locomote, check out this tutorial!

OFFice: Code field   

Company Administrators can now add a Code reference to Office data (#10202): 


Employee ID: CODE FIELD   

Company Administrators can now add a Code reference to Employee Group data (#9918): 


The new Code fields were requested for reporting purposes and are now reflected in the Locomote API, including for Departments (#10255). For more information on Locomote's API, check out this page!

Admin Dashboard Report: Pre-Trip Approval Stats

For companies who have the Administration Dashboard Report enabled, Company Administrators will now be able to see the number of Pre-Trip approved trip requests (#10084):


Note: the number of Pre-Trip Approved trip requests relates to Pre-Trip only approval workflows and will not count the number of trips pre-approved in a Pre-Trip and Cost approval workflow.

New loyalty memberships

Users will now be able to add Fortune Wings Club (airline) and Priority Rewards (hotel) memberships to their profile (#9888):


For more information on how to update your profile, check out this tutorial!


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