Here are few product updates from our developers to welcome in 2017...

Edit Travel Details UI Update

We have updated our UI when a user edits a trip and needs to request a change to their travel details. The edit itinerary button has been replaced with an underlined Request Change link:

13983 Edit Travel Details Update UI.png

Additional Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • #13373 resolved hotel maps issue
  • #13772 new file finishing item for vehicle city code
  • #13884 map Associate Prof title via file finishing 
  • #13945 remove threshold configuration from Simplified FBT Travel Diary
  • #13956 Travel Dairy feature of each Trip Request is hidden when the Simplified FBT Travel Diary  application is in use
  • #14004 resolved incorrect nightly rate issue
  • #14022 enhanced responsive view on iPhone
  • #14039 resolved scrolling issue on wide screens when resized 
  • #14048 resolved unknown spaces on top of booking tool iFrame
  • #14107 resolved Reply Message to all recipients when sent from mail client issue

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