Many companies want to derive the benefits of an agile approach to software product development but struggle to do so, not least due to legacy processes and infrastructure which seem "too hard" to change. 

Locomote is a great company on a growth path, and as such we have an opportunity to be principle-driven in how we grow success, avoiding mistakes other companies make as they look to "scale". What do we even mean when we talk about "growing" or "scaling"? What are we trying to achieve?

This presentation will invite discussion on some key questions we asked ourselves at Locomote in how we should grow our engineering team, such that we do not create overhead that slows us down and kills our startup culture.

Establishing principles for how you want to grow makes decision-making about process, practices and team structures far more straightforward, and aligned with a shared vision of what awesome looks like in your context. Hopefully the audience will come away with some food for thought and concrete ideas to try in their own workplace.

Locomote Demo