ALL POSTS Making a mistake at work can be disheartening. Having the CEO find out about it can make you feel even worse.

Knowing the right way to approach the error, what to say, or whether to just go ahead and fix it can be hard to determine.

Business Insider reached out to some high-profile CEOs to get their perspective on what they expect from their employees in these situations. 

Philip Weinman, CEO and executive chairman of Locomote, encourages everyone to make decisions, wrong or right.

I place an emphasis on encouraging everyone to make decisions at Locomote. Wrong or right, a commitment one way or another is more important. Growth, both personal and business wise comes from learning and you don’t learn if you are simply told the answer or you don't answer.

I think that the fear of failure stops people from making decisions and so I try to instill the idea that there is no wrong answer that isn’t a lesson. I expect honesty from the entire team and in return we build a relationship based on trust and respect.

Everyone makes mistakes — the key is how you recover. There are two options — do nothing, or accept it and learn from it. There is no damage that can’t be undone — this is how we keep growing and improving.

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