You’ve had a nagging feeling that you need to shake things up in the job department for a while now, but for whatever reason, this sentiment has been moved to the back burner.

The reality is that for a good number of years, your main responsibilities (burrowing into current contracts, organizing crucial supplier meetings, making savings, and assisting staff secure a whole bunch of numerous items, etc.) haven’t changed much.

The promotion accompanying your years of service is nowhere in sight.

The scores for your “soft” benchmarks – i.e. likeability of colleagues and frequency of business travel for instance – are blasé and not particularly exciting.

You realise that you’re going through the motions and appear to be coasting – majestically.

If all five scenarios dutifully describe your current career state, I’m sorry to break it to you - you’re in a severe rut!

It is time to break this rhythm that excludes reasoning, reward and risk.

As we round off this year (we’re three weeks shy of 2016 – yikes!) here are some proposals for you to consider now rather than later:

Update your C.V.

As painfully apparent as this might seem, this is a top first step to setting those new career wheels in motion. You need to revisit this document with vigor and give it a good shine.

Head on over to your LinkedIn profile: include new skills, highlight recent accreditations/accomplishments, join a new professional group and ask close colleagues/clients for recommendations. If you’re ready to pull the trigger, update your the headline to include something along the lines of:“Interested in new opportunities”.

The goal is to ensure that your resume is up to date, and to signal to your professional community that you’re available and actively seeking new employment.

Start networking!
The truth is that with the severity of your present role, you’ve been out of the job-search pool for a while; you’ve got priorities and I do sympathize.

Albeit, there’s no time like the present – you need to jump back into that pool and start leveraging your business networks, STAT!

The reason for this urgency is the strategic timing of recruitment.

As you know, numerous companies begin to recruit as their business proposals and headcount costs are confirmed – which is typically early in the new calendar year. Understandably, such motion sends ripple effects in the area of advertising and staffing endeavors.

Consider changing sectors
Another chief reason for your discontent could be that you’ve been in the same sector for too long. Moving from the public to private procurements sectors (or vice-versa) could make a huge difference in reigniting passion into your work.

In most countries, public sector jobs are a bit more “exciting” – they typically combine both technical aspects with the need to consider political or social factors. So, if you’re looking for some “altruistic pursuits” –this might be a viable option.

This is not to say that each sector isn’t riddled with its problems – you’re more predisposed to encounter severe bureaucracy in a public sector job than you would in the private sector, for example.

The objective here is to get a different perspective by seeing how things run from the other side of the procurement divide.

Gain some international experience
As a result of your extensive international business travel, you’ve visited a wide range of countries and cultivated a foreign tongue. It’s one of the things you probably even enjoy. Maybe this might be a ripe time to ask for a transfer to your favorite foreign office?

What this relocation abroad could do, is further deepen your understanding of procurement procedures and policies from an intercontinental perspective - which is invaluable.

If your company doesn’t have an auxiliary office overseas, you can still take the initiative to do some digging on what opportunities lie across the ocean.

There might also be working visa requirements, so don’t forget to look into that as well.

All in all, my hope is that you don’t let the wish (stimulating and rewarding job) be the father to the thought and action.

Be audacious! Make the move onward and upward towards a bright future that awaits you.

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