Locomote and Coder Factory have joined forces to develop the quality of developers in Australia including a 50% target of youth and women uptake in 2015. The collaboration highlights that Coder Factory aim to reduce the technology skills shortage, globally.

Locomote Co-Founders David and Ross Fastuca comment “We are deeply committed to not only growing the expertise and knowledge of our current development team, but continue to build the industry and developers coming into the market.”

“We think that this is a great initiative that Peter and Dan have built and we want to embrace this opportunity”.

Directors, Peter Argent and Dan Siepen add "Locomote has partnered with Coder Factory to help foster the future of quality digital education in Australia and the next generation of software engineers to grow the tech ecosystem in Australia. Locomote prides itself on embracing new technology innovation and supporting the etch ecosystem in Australia and believe Coder Factory will play a pivotal stepping stone in achieving in bridging the gap for companies looking for software development talent".

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About Locomote
Locomote is a technology company that saves time and money by making booking, approving and managing travel easy from anywhere in the world.

Locomote is a technology company that saves time and money by making booking, approving and managing travel easy from anywhere in the world.

Locomote offers the following benefits:

  • Users have a simple experience that enables them to manage their booking on one platform
  • Companies save time and internal costs
  • Companies own their profile data and reduce their dependency on suppliers’ networks
  • Companies can run reports irrespective of the country they are in or the supplier they choose
  • Direct integration with suppliers’ inventory
  • Consistent collection and security of data

About Coder Factory
Coder Factory is a technology education provider catering to fostering the next generation of software developers and aspiring tech startup entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help more people become involved in the technology revolution by providing fun, empowering education.

It is the Coder Factory’s mission to ‘bridge the gap’ for big tech companies looking for the next top tech talent, which isn’t being produced enough in the Australian economy, nor enough world wide.

In just 24 weeks, students will have a boarding pass to work for the hottest tech companies in the world with a great paying salary within 6 months after they graduate, or they receive their tuition back.

Coder Factory offers the following benefits?

  • An accelerated program that will guarantee them a high­paying job in just 24 weeks.
  • Companies save time in finding the right tech talent and an institution that specifically focuses with developing the best software development talent.
  • Coder Factory eases the pain on tech companies by providing the right
  • talent for what they really need, with companies playing a role in deciding what is in the curriculum.
  • Students will work on real­world projects for companies like Locomote which their normal development team do not have time for.
  • Students will learn the hottest skills which are in high­demand, including Ruby on Rails, UX and highly demanded Javascript skills AngularJs and NodeJs.

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