So let’s look back at the past 24 hours, and consider how many times you’ve picked up your smartphone.

In your personal time, you’ve probably posted and read content on your favourite social media channel. You might have checked the weather forecast to plan leisure activities and decided what to wear to work today.

You may well have seen what time that new movie is playing or bought tickets to a concert. You will no doubt have sent and received messages, and perhaps even made a phone call.

Just as our smart phones have been integral to living and organising our daily lives, the demand for mobility is increasing in corporate travel.

A recent study of business travellers, for example, showed that 80% of travel managers believe mobility is their biggest priority – ‘from making bookings on mobile devices to itinerary management and staying in touch with travellers via instant messaging’.

The same research found more than 40% of business travellers change plans during their trip and a quarter of firms have implemented mobile apps that incorporate policy compliance options.

Another recent study highlighted the opportunities of implementing a mobile strategy, including increased traveller engagement and compliance and reduced off-program bookings and transaction costs.

Despite this, more than two thirds of companies do not have a mobile strategy as part of their corporate travel policy

Travelport Locomote’s intuitive, end-to-end corporate travel platform allows today’s digitally-savvy business travellers to search and book, edit, chat and view their itinerary all on the go.

To find out more about how Travelport Locomote’s mobile modules are powering corporate travel, chat to one of our team or book in a product demo today.


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