Culture. Everybody talks about it, from small businesses to big corporations, yet not everyone gets it right. It can be a difficult thing to describe, let alone create and it’s an easy thing to get wrong, says Alek Bugajewska, People and Culture Leader for Travelport Locomote. 

In my experience, it’s a broad mix of the right people, and a company that has a clear purpose supported by a solid infrastructure of the right processes and systems to scale. The right culture differs from company to company and making it ‘perfect’ is a continually evolving process but one thing you can rely on is that you’ll always know when you’ve gotten it wrong!

The thing about growing a culture is that intangible though it might be, it is a living thing. It is the beating heart of any organisation and whether you’re a two-person small business or an ASX-listed company you can’t afford not to invest in it. The challenge of maintaining that culture can be exacerbated when your workforce isn’t co-located. Maintaining a culture of excellence can seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

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