Effective, tailored workflows are integral to the success and efficiency of any corporate travel program. Because if you make planning, approving, booking and reporting simple and fast, you improve the corporate travel experience for everyone involved.


Travelport Locomote’s corporate travel platform is powered by a range of workflows and modules that integrate with third party suppliers and can be customised to business and individual traveller needs.

Designed to work anywhere and on any device, our platform is built for how you travel today, with the flexibility to adapt as your corporate travel needs evolve. As well as driving traveller adoption, compliance and major cost savings, the benefits of the brilliantly simple Travelport Locomote corporate travel platform include:

  • Module powered workflows: allowing you to create workflows to suit your travel program together with pre-built and integrated third party modules.
  • Enhanced workflow builder: Create offline and online workflows including both simple and complex domestic and international workflows. You can also create workflows that go directly to your travel agency and segment workflows based on departments, countries and employee groups.
  • Flexible policy management: Manage everything with our powerful policy engine that can be set up to fit your company's travel policy. Set spending limits and allow employees to request approval on out-of-policy options with one tap.
  • Work anywhere: Manage and approve workflows from wherever you happen to be.

Find out more about the corporate travel Pain Points Travelport Locomote can help eliminate, or to see how we can help put you back in control of travel costs and the safety of your travelling staff – and just make business travel easier – chat to one of our team or book in a product demo.


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