You don’t have to be that old to remember a time before the iPhone.

It was only launched in 2007, but you’d be hard pressed to think of another invention throughout human history that had such an impact on so many in such a short time.

So to mark its first decade, let’s look at some trends and actions that weren’t part of our conversations Bi (before iPhone). Some good, some not, but most with elements of both.

Never get lost again

The iPhone, and its connected cousins, has made it simpler to find our way around unfamiliar places, making life easier for business travellers. For leisure travel or the few hours of discovery between your last meeting and your flight, the first iPhone provided better, location-aware recommendations that highlighted points of interest wherever we were. For some that took away the joys of an accidental discovery. For others, it allowed us to discover more and ‘opened up more on-the-fly color and context while traveling a city’.

Stay connected

The downside of business travel has always been being away from family. While messaging apps allowed travellers to stay in contact for free and the likes of Skype allowed us to the see the person we were conversing with, the iPhone’s FaceTime ‘took the grainy Skype sessions into the real world, and created a new level of intimacy’. It was the virtual equivalent of actually being there.


80 per cent of business travellers use their smart phone to conduct business. So the iPhone allowed us to be more productive in corporate travel downtime, like flight delays or waiting for boarding. Working on-the-go has also made corporate travel a more attractive proposition: more than three-quarters of business travellers in that same survey said they now seek opportunities to travel for work. The downside? Being able to switch off in an always-connected world.


The iPhone could easily be called the iPhoto. With advances in the quality of inbuilt cameras and editing capabilities, coupled with the ability to share on-the-spot, the amount of great travel images available to us has exploded. Some of the mystique of discovering new places has disappeared because of it, and let’s not even bring up selfies.

Take everything with you

In a word, the iPhone is convenience. Rather than a book-size pile of travel documents, everything you need to travel is on your smart phone. And you don’t need that actual book anymore either, because all your pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight entertainment is on your iPhone. The problem, of course, is in the losing of the phone. And there is still something to be said, for those who can remember Bi, about the romance of physically turning the page of a book or newspaper.

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