C-suite managers don’t seem to be taking adequate future-proofing measures when it comes to the existence of digital transformation and the effects it has on their businesses.

I’m sure you’re wondering why?

According to this October 2015 “Skills for Digital Transformation” research report by SAP, 81 surveyed C-level executives from worldwide companies (including Australia) revealed three rather troubling facts:

  • “Only 35 percent of the executives claimed to have a defined digital transformation strategy.
  • “Only 27 percent of their executives have the technology skills necessary for digital transformation.”
  • “Only 10 percent of their Human Resource Division has implemented a recruitment/training program to close the skill gap."

Worrisome numbers to say the least.

Why exactly is this still the case? 

After all, the concept of digitisation isn’t new.

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In fact, a whopping 80 percent all the C-suite respondents in the survey mentioned above fully acknowledged the fact that digital transformation plays a crucial and integral part of their sweeping corporate strategy.

Dr. Helmut Krcmar - a lecturer, teaching at the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) gave this rationale in the study:

“The gap between recognising the skill deficit and not having a dedicated recruiting and training program to close it could be because skill development is a strategic issue.”

Dr. Krcmar might be right on the money. 

In this other 2015 Deloitte research, “Australia’s Digital Pulse”, which highlights the hurdles that the country faces from a digital skill, jobs and education perspective, it alluded that Australian businesses don’t appear to be developing and investing in the digital skills of its employees.

“Businesses need to recognise that on the job training is an important part of upskilling in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) capabilities, particularly given the rapid evolution of digital technology and its use in the workforce.”

With all that is said, are you now motivated to take action and ensure that you’re taking the right measures to position your workforce and company for digital success tactfully?

Well then, here is a well-detailed outline of what it takes to become a digital winner and not a digital loser.

Let’s start making the right investments!

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Written by Ross Fastuca @Locomote 


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