It’s hard to fathom but the iPhone was only launched a decade ago. Before that, believe it or not, we didn’t need smartphones.

We already had devices that helped organise our lives and allowed us to contact friends, family and colleagues wherever we were (as long as enough bars on our Nokia mobiles were filled).

With advances in technology powering advances in mobile capability, very few people now don’t have a smart phone, to the point where there are more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans, and growing.

This trend has also invaded the corporate travel space. Business travellers, for example, check their smartphone 34 times a day on average and more than 60 per cent of travellers want real-time travel information by mobile and believe it’s important for mobile to be part of a travel program.

Travelport Locomote recognised this trend – need – when we built our own intuitive end-to-end corporate travel management platform.

That’s why our platform allows business travellers to search and book, edit, chat and view their itinerary all on the go:

  • Update and view changes to your travel itinerary, communicate with the office, make last-minute flight and accommodation bookings; your team will immediately know what you’ve booked and where.
  • Corporate travellers can receive trip notifications and request trip approvals (and have those requests approved) with a few taps.
  • Instant messaging and live chat allows travellers to instantly communicate with who they need to and eliminates laborious editing and rebooking for simple trip changes.

Find out more about how Travelport Locomote’s mobile apps are powering corporate travel, or to see how we’re providing a seamless and hassle free user experience, chat to one of our team or book in a product demo today.

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