The history of travel is a story of innovation. Of thinking ‘we can do this better’ – and then doing it.

If it wasn’t for those who could see ‘a better way’ and had the spirit to redefine the boundaries of travel, we wouldn’t have the ability to get to the other side of town in minutes or the other side of the planet in the same day.

But as our travel horizons have broadened, supporting technologies haven’t always progressed at the same pace. Corporate travel management is a prime example.

Why is it that we can get people to the other side of the world by tomorrow, but bookings, approvals, reconciliation and last minute changes usually result in an inefficient, complex and frustrating process that wastes time and money?

At Travelport Locomote we understand your frustration because we experienced it for ourselves.

We faced the same challenges when we tried to reduce our travel spend. We couldn’t find efficient integrated solutions that made business travel easy – for those booking and those travelling – and kept our people safe while they were away.

So, frustrated by the lack of options, we decided to channel that innovative spirit and build a brilliantly simple corporate travel platform ourselves.

Unlike legacy online booking products, which focus mainly on the booking element, Travelport Locomote is an intuitive corporate travel platform that empowers travel managers to drive change and achieve a quantum leap in program efficiencies.

We’re not an online booking tool. We’re a seamless end-to-end corporate travel platform with a range of module-powered workflows and features that consolidate the entire travel process and can manage everything from planning, approving and booking corporate travel, reporting and traveller safety.

Here’s some of what makes Travelport Locomote better.

  • Workflow management and modules: Workflows and modules that integrate with third party suppliers can be customised to business and individual traveller needs, driving traveller adoption, compliance and major cost savings.
  • Trip and profile auditing: Every engagement is captured, recorded and reportable within Travelport Locomote, supporting duty of care obligations and driving improved customer experiences and consistent customer service between the TMC and your organisation.
  • User experience: By providing an outstanding user experience that engages the user and simplifies bookings and approvals, our platform drives higher online adoption that reduces costs and agency intervention.
  • Messaging and live chat: Eliminates the laborious process of editing and rebooking for simple trip changes by allowing travellers to instantly communicate with who they need to, providing a seamless and hassle free experience for the end user.
  • Data warehouse: Unique customer and TMC reporting is powered by data relevant to every aspect of the trip, from start to finish, creating better decisions and efficiency.

Travelport Locomote is the future of corporate travel – easy, intuitive and cost efficient.

It’s more than just a booking tool, it’s a powerful platform that provides more travel choice, improved travel intelligence and better travel experiences. A platform that puts control back where it belongs – in the hands of the user – and is trusted by some of the largest and fastest growing companies across the globe.

Experience the future, today.

Request your own 15 minute personalised demo, where we can show you how Travelport Locomote can help:

  • Reduce corporate travel costs
  • Make corporate travel easier
  • Keep travelling staff safe, and
  • Provide a better experience for travellers.

You can request more information on the Travelport Locomote corporate travel platform and book your personalised demo here

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