Not all people would be excited about doing the same job for their entire life but some professions like acting, singing, writing, or creating sculptures often hold people’s interest for a lifetime. The one thing these professions all have in common is they are art forms. If you work as an artist, you usually would rather work than do almost anything else. Artists love what they do. Many writers when asked why they write simply answer because I have to. There are other professions equally loved, and the people in them would never consider changing. Careers in law enforcement, firefighting, forestry, military, or healing can also hold interest and create a passion that lasts a lifetime, although some of these are very high on the stress scale.

The truth of the matter is you can develop a passion for any job if it suits your nature. Numbers are like candy to some people. Accountants feel a thrill when things work out mathematically, and they can’t wait to share the results with their cohorts. For others, the exact opposite is true. These types openly weep when they try to balance their accounts. Throw a quadratic equation at them and you risk life and limb. So, can you do your job for life even if other people consider what you do boring and mundane. Yes, you can, as long as you have a passion for what you do, and as long as you continue to stoke that passion with lifelong learning and a desire to grow. You must constantly strive for improvement and actively pursue tasks that make the experience feel new, fresh, and exciting.

Take procurement for example, can you work in that field for life? Yes, if you have a passion for working in the field of procurement. Procurement offers the opportunity to participate in a diverse set of daily tasks. Monday may find you planning your negotiating strategy for upcoming contract talks. Tuesday you are rolling out new a SaaS platform to manage your corporate travel. Wednesday you prepare purchase orders and contact suppliers to verify quantities and shipping dates. Three days, three different tasks, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Procurement is an area of business that is evolving rapidly and in the coming years will offer many opportunities to go to the next level. You can also take the skills you learn in procurement and use them in other areas of the business. Managing people, projects, transformation, and business relationships provides the same challenges and rewards in every area of running a business.

Can you do your job for life? You most certainly can.

Written by David Fastuca @Locomote 


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