Planning a business trip is notoriously hard work.

But keep in mind that it was never designed to be more complicated than the purpose of your business trip itself.

With a smorgasbord of smartphone apps designed to streamline the process of corporate travel and eBooks and guides only serving to cloud the understanding of many in the corporate world, it’s no wonder some try to ‘fly solo’ and attempt their own planning process.

While you might save your company a few dollars by planning a business trip yourself and actively choosing not to engage a travel management company or agent, you might be short-changing yourself in the process.

In fact, D.I.Y. corporate travellers often don’t realise how complex organising a profitable business trip can be until they’re well on their way to their destination.

Just envisage trying to source your suitcase off an airport carousel, securing a punctual taxi, sorting through your itinerary, hotel check-ins, meals, meeting clients – and the list goes on. Plus, don’t forget you’re trying to be on top of your game in a foreign environment.

Let’s explore why jet-setting corporates might try and plan a business trip themselves – and why sometimes they should have sought assistance.

What solo travellers believe and why they should think twice

  • They think they’re scoring a bargain
    It doesn’t take a financial planner to calculate that if you skimp on the cost of a travel agent or travel management company, you’ll do your organisation’s wallet a favour when it comes to forking out for your business venture.

    But the real cost involved in planning corporate travel extends far beyond dollars – consider the time and effort involved in making sure your schedule is in sync before you leave. You should also ask yourself whether you can afford to be stressing over the details of itinerary changes or flight delays while trying to perform in high-stake meetings.

    Hiring a planning professional may cost you an initial outlay but it could make your trip a successful one in the long-term.
  • They don’t think planning a business trip is hard work
    Expecting to hop onto a plane and start working once you reach your business meeting? Think again.

    Even the shortest domestic trips can quickly turn complicated. What time should you book your flight? What airline should you fly with? Which connecting flight has the shortest transit time? Will you have enough time to refresh before your business meeting? 

    The list is endless, and that’s even before you arrive at your destination and assuming that everything goes to plan.

    Even the most basic business trip can be vulnerable to unexpected delays or mishaps along the way, so leaving the finer details to the experts may help you focus on the purpose of your trip.
  • They don’t know what they’re missing
    Travel management companies are not only the experts in planning business trips, they’re a lifeline available to you before you travel and while you’re away. Travel managers are personally invested in ensuring you have a successful trip and have the resources at their fingertips to save you time and effort. They are trained to complement your corporate travel with invaluable expertise and have the agility to solve your travelling challenges.

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