There is so much ‘unmissable, must-read’ content being generated these days. While some is the exact opposite, there is a lot of high quality, interesting content that’s worth engaging with. If only we had the time.

If you’re like me, flight delays and time spent waiting for boarding to commence are ideal opportunities to catch up on those pearls of wisdom, or even just the news of the day, that will add to your knowledge bank.

Following my recent blog on staying healthier while travelling for business, which included a suggestion to use such time to catch up on that quality content, I wanted to share some apps that help with such endeavours.

And a few others that are convenient, productive and save you time while you’re travelling for business – or make for a better travel experience.

Pocket allows you to save all that great content from the internet and view it later. You don’t have to be connected to view content because Pocket downloads it, so you can read those articles or watch those videos anywhere. Pocket, which has more than 22 million users, also syncs with your devices, making it easily viewable via any weapon of choice, from iPhone and Android to Kobo and Kindle. If it's in your Pocket, it's on your phone, tablet or computer.

Instapaper works similarly to Pocket, but is more focused on text-heavy content rather than multimedia.

Feedly is another good option for bringing all the content you want into one place. To quote the guys at Goop, it ‘aggregates new content from all your go-to sites into one reading list where you can read, dismiss, or save articles and posts. The mobile version rocks.’ As well as keeping you across your favourite articles, blogs, videos and feeds, Feedly can be set up to allow access to your company’s internal portals.

Circa is a great app for keeping up with news without having to visit multiple news sites. Circa, which had something of a ‘reboot’ a couple of years ago, delivers concise coverage straight to your phone. Its best feature is it allows users to ‘follow’ stories they are particularly interested or invested in.

And remember my suggestion to hit the gym for healthier business trips? Something like Timeful allows you to set up notifications to remind you to go to the gym. Its algorithm learns your preferences, so if you ignore the suggestion, it knows and will use that against you next time. The downside is it’s only for Apple.

Here are a few more useful apps I’ve come across that add to the experience while you’re travelling for business, some for work and some not:

  • The aptly-named Remember App is worthwhile for regular business travellers and networkers, quickly reminding you of a business contact’s name and face (if you’ve included a photo) before you meet again. As well as contact details, you can also add little nuggets of information, like their favourite sporting team or the kind of music they like – a good start to your next business meeting.
  • Scanbot turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a mobile scanner, very handy for sharing important documents on the run.
  • With Matchbook, you can store details of your favourite restaurants and bars (or any other establishment) in one place, so if you regularly travel to the same destination for business, the details you’re after will be at your fingertips rather than on ‘the tip of your tongue’.
  • HeyLets connects like-minded individuals, delivering a custom feed of recommendations from users with similar interests. You identify those interests – everything from bars and restaurants to hiking trails – and receive recommendations. The welcome novelty in this app is it tell users where they should go, rather than what to avoid.

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