Ongoing education is immensely important when it comes to developing great leadership skills. Thanks to the rise of mobile apps and websites like, there’s ways to acquire new knowledge even if you’re constantly on the road, or don’t work in the same office as the person you supervise. However, finding the time can often be a challenge, and as a result leadership skills are not acquired, or improved.

What great leaders need to understand, however, is that you always need to be learning. An organisation’s culture and success depends on your ability to guide others, which requires the need for understanding (and working with) different behaviours, communicating effectively, and giving feedback - appropriately.

For example, there may be an internal restructuring taking place at your business, which requires exceptional change management skills for leading your team successfully. By taking a Change Management eCourse, for example, you can learn the right questions to ask, who to involve in the change process, and how to implement the revisions without any a headache.


Why should you reinvent yourself as a leader?

Reinventing yourself as a manager is sometimes necessary as well if it means great leadership. For example, some things that great leaders do as discussed in Inc. Magazine is:

  • Observe the world around you including trends, ideas and movements.
  • Acknowledge your strong and weak suits, and that of others.
  • Connect with a handshake, eye communication, or a smile.
  • Fail fast, and learn quickly. No person or organisation is without its faults.
  • Anticipate change in advance, and put together the right plan for you and your team.

However, whenever making any adjustments or reinventing oneself, it’s important to take it one step at a time. It’s equally important to balance how you implement that development in your organisation or with your peers. Don’t try to transform everything all at once, and don’t expect others to modify themselves at the same rate.

What are the benefits of excellent leadership?

Excelling at leading others can not only benefit those who follow in your footsteps, but help yourself as a leader as well. On average, quality management leads to 2.8x better financial performance and 4.7x more productivity, according to this infographic, which ultimately leads to business growth and more time to do the things that you enjoy.

Leadership Skills Infographic

Therefore, leaders who want to create success for themselves and others need to incorporate education into their routine on a regular basis. For example, the next time that you’re flying high, think about taking a Change Management eCourse or search for a site like Coursera for free online classes. It certainly beats having to do work in-flight.


Written by David Fastuca @Locomote


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