As we scurry through the corporate rat race of our individual cities, the need to find some kind of breather in the midst of such mania becomes a top priority for our productivity and saneness.

While there isn’t one way of unearthing this oasis, it is generally agreed that physical exercise makes this pursuit a whole lot easier - one of which is Yoga.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have some preconceived notion of this activity (many readily make associations to a 1960’s hippie) and in the process mildly tease the fellow disciples (“Yogis” as they’re called) of this practice. Let’s face it, their seemingly zen-like demeanor is very enviable.

Irrespective of your thoughts of about yoga there are numerous benefits it offers. Highlighted below are seven explanations of why corporate road warriors should give it some consideration:

1. You’re able to focus better
An integral part of Yoga is meditation (which encourages participants to do away with distractions and be actively present). Studies have shown that this focus has helped to improve coordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ scores. Furthermore, this said meditation (specifically Transcendental Meditation), has also validated the capability to solve difficulties and the recollection of information.

2. It’s a great way to decompress
From delayed flights to missing suitcases, travelling can typically involve some level of hysteria – as any seasoned road warrior can attest to. The resulting effect is built up stress by the time you arrive at your destination.

The physical ambiance that Yoga creates is one that is soothing – one that induces a tranquil environment where you can quell the numerous interferences of the day, and ultimately, relax by eradicating the accumulated negative adrenaline.

3. Can be practiced anywhere
Unlike other physical activities (such as running or swimming) which require a dedicated area to be performed, Yoga isn’t bound to such limitation. The tenants of the activity – be it proper breathing or remedial postures - can be practiced anywhere, on a plane, train or even in the car. Jogging from one end of the carousel might warrant complaints (and even a requests for forced subduing) from other passengers. Not a good look for you.

4. Helps with blood circulation
Yoga has also been accredited to increasing blood flow. The relaxation techniques and general poses (such as headstands) encourages the free circulatory of blood, especially in your hands and feet – two areas that can be deprived of red blood cells during and even after particularly long trips. Ailments like muscle cramps can be drastically remedied through yoga.

5. Offers transferable business techniques
Yoga equips one with proficiencies that can be easily transferable and made applicable to both your personal and professional lives. By-products like good breathing, self-awareness and good posture are skills that can be seamlessly incorporated into the execution/delivery of a business presentation for instance.

6. Aids with better sleep
After a tedious trip you want to be able to hit the sack and get a good night rest – sometimes it difficult to do so because of restlessness - practicing yoga can help offer relief from the hustle and bustle of such hectic travelling. The restorative and meditative essence of this activity is said to provide downtime for your nervous system (which might have been over stimulated due to the activities of the day) so that you’re less tired, anxious and also prone to accidents (email and otherwise).

7. Leaves you in a better (drug-free) mood
Above all, this is one of the most prized benefits of taking up yoga. While most people seek refuge in alcohol and numerous pharmaceutical drugs to achieve some kind of normalcy after a dizzying journey (which could lead to chronic dependency and other obsessive-compulsive disorder) yoga provides a revitalizing alternative. This means you’ll spend less money and would be less likely to suffer side effects of drug interactions.

As you can see the mental and physical reimbursements of practicing yoga to an individual – especially one who travels as much as you do - are well worth it and immensely helpful. If you’re apprehensive about signing up for “yet another membership” – not to worry - there are several free resources online.

So, do some digging and take advantage of this remedial activity, and breathe that secret hour alone.


Written by Sandra McLeod @Locomote


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