Whether you’re an administrator, travel manager or executive, Change Management is a skill set that is invaluable for any business. Very few companies manage change as well as they could, so having someone that has the capability to plan and lead the change is helpful, which is where a Change Management eCourse comes into play. 

Rather than having to dole out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a university course to acquire the skills that you need to manage change effectively, an eCourse lets you obtain those skillsets at a fraction of the cost and time. Another advantage of an online course is that you don’t have to travel and instead, can complete the coursework from the comfort of your home or desk. While these aspects are of course the most obvious benefits of taking a Change Management eCourse, but here are seven other pros to consider.


1. Prepares you for the change

The most important part of creating change within an organisation is preparing for it. By developing a better understanding of what changes are required and understanding the nuances of different change approaches, you’ll be in a much better position for taking on a change management project.


2. Helps you create the right plan

With every change management project comes building the right strategy. By taking an eCourse, you’ll be able to achieve clarity as to why the change is necessary, what the goals are, who should be involved, what processes will navigate the change and your vision around desired outcomes.


3. Improves work performance

When staff feels supported and understand the change process, employee performance increases. Everything from morale to productivity, customer service, and overall quality of work significantly improves when the person who is leading the change has the skillset to implement change in a way that considers how it will impact the roles and responsibilities of others within the organisation.


4. Reduces risks and costs

The reality is that approximately 70% of change initiatives fail. That’s why taking the right change management approach is crucial. An effective change management process helps to contain and reduce any risks associated with the transition.  As a result, when you manage risks adequately, costs tends to be lower, thus providing a greater return on investment (ROI).


5. Boosts team collaboration

Change management failures are often a result of negative employee attitudes and behaviors. Statistics show that 39% of employees are resistant to change. Therefore, concerns of staff should be acknowledged so that cooperation, collaboration, and communication can be improved to build commitment to work. The key is to align existing resources within the organisation such as team supervisors and project managers to ensure that you address employee concerns early on.


6. Encourages employer transparency

A recent study showed that only 60% of corporate employees are unaware of their company’s goals, strategies, and tactics. Also, perceptions, beliefs, and values were not clearly communicated to staff demonstrating a lack of visibility into how the organisation they work for conducts business. To remedy this lack of transparency, employers should provide internal training and host regular company meetings that shares their mission, vision, values, and strategies to provide regular opportunities for understanding day-to-day operations.


7. Increases employee loyalty

Change often can cause employees to leave the organisation, especially if not handled properly. Therefore, a carefully planned approach that reduces stress and anxiety incorporates proper communication and training and encourages people to stay loyal to the organisation is necessary. Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than disengaged counterparts. A change management eCourse provides managers with the proper training that they need to mitigate employee concerns, so they remain loyal to the business even after the change occurs. 

So if you’re an administrator, travel manager or executive who is responsible for leading change within your organisation, sign up for this free eCourse to benefit from and acquire the skills needed to ensure a successful change management process.

Written by Bryan Carroll @Locomote

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