The travel agency industry has changed, and travel agents who don’t change with it get left behind.

In our in-depth look at this evolving industry, we focussed on how technology has disrupted a previously humanised marketplace. Free and readily available online platforms like Airbnb and Uber have changed the way travel agencies promote their services.

Below we explore five ways a powerful travel management platform can empower travel agents to deliver a product worth paying for.


1. It empowers them to deliver the best value to their clients.

The do-it-yourself travel trend remains popular, even for business travellers with complex itineraries. However, more often than not these DIY road warriors quickly find themselves tangled in a web of complicated administration.

And when these DIY corporate travellers have a consequential meeting in the afternoon, they can’t afford to be grappling with missed connections, misleading accommodation bookings and compounding costs.

Travel agents who arm themselves with a powerful travel management platform can alleviate these concerns with confidence.

Loading negotiated rates, selecting preferred vendors and ensuring your clients get the most bang for their buck is made simple and effective with a good management tool.



2. It makes exercising duty of care easy.

Not only do corporate travellers who go it alone put themselves at risk of ballooning costs, they forfeit the invaluable safety net a travel agent provides.

Travel agents have little room for error when it comes to exercising duty of care for their clients.

Shirking this responsibility with substandard technology isn’t just unprofessional and immoral, it leaves them at risk of serious indictment.

A travel management platform with streamlined risk-management capability is essential. Travel agents who use them differentiate their offering, especially given the culture of concern surrounding crowdsourced booking platforms like Airbnb.

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3. It puts all of their communication streams in the one place.

Modern business travel runs on communication. Communicating with airlines, accommodation, clients, team members and those left at home base is time consuming and draining for travellers who decide to go it alone.

Any corporate travel team serious about planning for profit must have a home-base equipped with powerful messaging tools.

Travel agents with effective management software can communicate itinerary changes, approvals, security information and general correspondence with speed and efficiency.

Our messaging tool takes this a step further, offering automatic audit-tracking that stores and saves a log of communication for quick viewing. 


4. It’s flexible to the way they work

Travel agents may be tentative to enlist a new management platform because they fear their existing workflows will be scrapped. While any onboarding period takes a time of adjustment, a streamlined management platform allows travel agents to tailor their software to the services they provide.

Wrangling a number of independent technologies, often with independent log-in information and operating styles, is a time waster for travel agents. Consolidating all of these tools into one intuitive interface is heaven-sent for time-poor agents.

The best travel management platforms today are app-powered, allowing for the creation of tailored and personalised workflows to suit an agency's individual programs.


5. It allows them to demonstrate success to clients

As mentioned earlier in this article, the ability for travel agents to demonstrate the value of their services is more important today than ever before.

In order to compete with disruptive free platforms and DIY business travellers, travel agencies need to communicate their prowess in profit with data-backed evidence.

A powerful travel management platform simplifies the analysis and reporting of a travel policy, visualising areas of opportunity with speed and accuracy.

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